Participating Masters

  • Albert Cheeks
  • Raymond Lee
  • Franklin Jones
  • Carol Middleton
  • Gregory Battle
  • Wes Cozart
  • Jack Dark
  • Clayton McKindra
  • Michael Comberiate
  • Stephen Tuanmu
  • Lee Fayton
  • Bernard Floyd
  • Kenneth Li
  • Quentin Cheeks
  • Lawrence Treger
  • Susie Kline
  • Hercules Baxter

Council of Masters

The primary responsibility of the council of masters is to oversee the application of new members and recommend members for Dan promotion.


  • Any master, instructor, or student who trained under Grandmaster Kim for a substantial period of time
  • Can trace the origins of their training back to Grandmaster Kim (must provide documentation)


  • Any master, instructor or student who did not train under Grandmaster Kim
  • Must be able to trace the origins of their training (must provide documentation)